Artificial Turf – What Is It and Why Is It Getting Popular

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Recently, we have all been slowly introduced to things that are artificial – from body implants to what we put in our mouths. Something that (I believe) is getting a lot of attention lately is Artificial Turf. I’ve heard all its wondrous benefits and amazing savings you get from a lot of people. I have also heard some unpleasant comments as to how hot it can get when your lawn is covered with it. So, to clear everything out of the blue, here is an article showing you what there is to know about artificial turf.

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Artificial Turf

To put it simply, artificial turf or grass is just synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass as closely as possible. Its first major reason for its existence is due to sports that are normally played on natural grass can be substituted with more durable, manageable, and maintenance-free material – hence, the birth of artificial turf in 1960. This is why most sport arenas with games that should be played on grass are opting for this alternative and now currently being a number one choice. Today, it is now being used not only in sports but in both residential and commercial lawns as well. This is getting more and more popular is due to the fact that it does not require any heavy maintenance and is particularly durable.

Artificial turf has provided humanity a lot of benefits including the elimination of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and water waste, it still has some downsides. One of which is heat problems. It can reach twice the normal temperature of natural grass. Also, it can be difficult when it’s time for disposal as it won’t decompose easily.

The first ever application of the material was on 1964 on a prep school’s recreational area in Rhode Island. It was notably created by David Chaney who was the dean of North Carolina State University. His accomplishment gave birth to mass production and usage in the sports industry.


sports grassThere are several applications for synthetic grass. However, it the past, it’s most specific application was to convert all sports’ field to artificial to greatly reduce maintenance. Sports such as baseball, American football, and field hockey were the pioneers. Today, association football, tennis, golf, and other sports that use grass as their playing grounds are opting for fake grass.

As the artificial grass conversion in the sports industry is getting positive results, residential and commercials have taken their own set of actions as well. It is now the number one choice of most government and private facilities such as malls, airports, government agencies, city halls,  and stations. Also, in the recent years, there has been a huge action in residences to go artificial as it is practical and effortless.


Almost everywhere in the entire world are now using synthetic grass, especially regions that are prone to high heat temperature that requires to conserve water such as California. Artificial Turf San Diego is one of the most common companies that advocate total conversion of residences that experience drought rather than to waste tons of water just to make sure their grass will still grow and be lush green. One of the strongest factors for its popularity is due to sports; this reason has allowed artificial grass to be exported throughout the entireGarGar world.


It is safe to say that everyone should at least have a look at it for themselves. However, those in regions that are currently experiencing drought and conserve water should consider this option as it will save not only time and money but will also help the environment. As for areas that are commonly raining most of the year, it would be wise to play it by ear. If you think you’re doing fine, then by all means, just let it be.

Here is a quick video on how to install synthetic grass.