U.K is No More The Most Favourite Zone For Real Estate Investors

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Germany is The New Elite Choice

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Finally, Germany has replaced the UK to be the favourite zone in Europe for real estate investment. Through the process, UK has lost its top spot after conquering it for a couple of years. According to the survey by a leading property broker, Germany’s flexibility has outshined UK to be the number one interest among the real estate investors. 8999673

More than half loss!

Coming to the numeric analysis, Germany is a favourite zone for seventeen percent of the investors in comparison with the fifteen percent of those in the United Kingdom. The contest might be appearing pretty close, but it can be termed simply shocking comparing the scores of last year. UK had attracted thirty-one percent of the investors last year. It means it has lost more than fifty percent of its grip in the present year, comparing the last year.

Too shy economic growth is the reason:

The timid economic growth is being cited as the prime reason for such disaster. The unsettled position of the nation in European Nation is also referred to be one of the reasons behind the demotion. Germany has managed to grab the top spot powered by the flexibility it offers financially for the investors. Especially, growing interest towards the central and Eastern Europe has been game changing. Promises of return at the mentioned zones have been simply awe inspiring for the investors than those over the United Kingdom.

Germany is risk-free:utils-4

Many investors have to claim that UK is getting comparatively riskier when it comes about large-scale investment. On the other hand, the same groups of investors claim Germany as a safer option having the demands at its favour. It is said that Germany currently is enjoying the same era that London has been enjoying. However, maintaining the same allure is undoubtedly going to be tough for London at least for the coming year, post going through the fading interest among the investors.

UK must look back:

According to the experts, the UK needs to be looking back at its booming era back. The same economic recovery is desired at present to bring back the interest among the investors again. Especially, special attention needs to be taken care for core London that has been one of the prominent attractions for the Asian investors.

These investors matter:

100546263-160018786r.530x298It is here to mention that the same Asian and Middle East investors getting lured towards Germany is said to be the prime reasons behind the nation being crowned as the top zone for real estate investment. These groups of investors have been crucial as they set the whole venture in these zones, unlike others those work on a temporary project basis. In short, the consistency is quite encouraging from these investors than anyone else for any nation.

Disaster was startling!

Interesting here is to mention that UK’s position was quite strong even in last year. At about 93 billion dollars it had set a new record. But, it suddenly drowned henceforth, especially during second economic quarter. One thing is quite sure; Britain needs to solve its uncertain economic scenario to gain back the lost interest among the investors.

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